Long Time No See ;-)

Hey Penguins,

Boy, it’s been a long time since I’ve said that, whew! It’s Ryanec1 here, and it’s been MONTHS, and I mean MONTHS since I’ve made a post. But, hey! Hey there! Thanks for reading, haha! ūüôā It really means a lot if you still read this blog. I miss the old CP bloggers… Saraapril, Mrzero3, Cena12121, etc. Thanks for sticking with me if you’re still here. This blog has come so far over the years.. 2014-present. I am shocked out of my mind that people still explore this website as a whole. I checked out my statistics for the first time in months and four people viewed my blog in the last few hours, woah. That’s crazy seeing Club Penguin is no longer with us.

Thanks a lot for being there.



Club Penguin- Community Pin

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now- Club Penguin is shutting down. I’m not going to get all emotional about it in this post, but I will say, I will miss the game so, very much. I am making this post to show you guys a pin on Club Penguin, very possibly the final pin to ever be hidden on the beloved game.

The pin is hidden in the Coffee Shop. If you didn’t already know, you can pick up a pin from any server.

The pin displays a green and a purple penguin, being friends together. The two penguins are surrounded by all 11 anniversary hats Club Penguin has released over the years. If you were wondering, no, unfortunately the beta hat is not seen on the pin.

The picture I added below shows how the pin appears when being clicked on.

pick up community pin

This is where the pin is hidden in the Coffee Shop. I inserted an arrow pointing to the pin.

community pin.pngAnd there, simple as that, after you click the “Yes” button, the pin will be added to your inventory.

community pin added

This is how the Community Pin appears in somebody’s stamp book.¬†community pin in stamp book.png

This is the way that the pin appears on a player card and in the inventory.ryanec1 pin community pin.pngNo wonder why Club Penguin made a Community Pin, Club Penguin has the BEST community. And guys, I will make a post very soon on WHY Club Penguin has the absolute best online gaming and FRIENDSHIP community that I know of!
best community.png




Guys. The day has come. The day is here. I’m too excited to write this post. Bye!


PROJECT SUPER SECRET has been talked about for sooooo long! Now it is finally somewhattttt here!

The name for Project Super Secret is… CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND!¬†

It seems more than awesome! It seems legendary!

To PRE-register for CLUB PENGUIN ISLAND, you can go to the website clubpenguin-island.com by clicking HERE! The place you’ll find it varies according to the device your using, but somewhere, usually if you scroll all the way done or look at the top of the webpage, you’ll find a button that says something like “PREREGISTER!”


Depending on if you already have one or not, you may or may not have to create a Disney account. Then it will let you chose if you do or don’t have a Club Penguin account! You can then reserve your very own Club Penguin Island username! (Some people have been having issues regarding creating an account. If you need help, I recommend emailing Club Penguin support at support@clubpenguin.com. They may be able to help you.)

Eventually, it will tell you that when Club Penguin Island is released, (in 2017) (if you pre register) when you log onto it, you’ll receive some gifts! I’m hoping (and expecting) a beta hat, as it is seen in a commercial on the Club Penguin Island website. This is what the awesome hat looks like in the video!


So that is pretty much it. I highly recommend watching the awesome trailer/commercial video Club Penguin made! It is on the Club Penguin Blog and on the Club Penguin Island website!

(TBH, I am looking forward to maybe being superrrrrrrrrrrrr rare on Club Penguin Island, with the beta hat. I am hoping it’ll never be obtainable again, like the one on the web version of Club Penguin.)

So, thanks SO much to all of you for reading this blog post! (I know, I seem like I’m in such a good mood lol, I’m just soooo excited about this!!!)

Take care and waddle on everyone!



Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand new blog post here on Pirate CP Cheats! So this will be the first post in a series. For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to start a series that will involve this wonderful community! This series will most likely consists of a new post every week. Each week I will chose a member of the community, and if they’d like to be a part of this series, they’ll be interviewed by me! This will allow everyone in the community to learn more about everyone! I will select one person from the community… Maybe from Twitter… Maybe from the blog… There are loads of places that I can chose a penguin to interview! Each penguin will usually be interviewed with five questions.

I’ve decided that for the first week I’d like to ask Sniffybear2 if he’d like to be interviewed. He kindly answered yes! So what are we waiting for? Here are the results!


1. How many years have you been playing Club Penguin?

Sniffybear2: 8 years. Almost 9! (Ryanec1’s response: That’s awesome! I began understandingClub Penguin about¬†4 years ago.)

2. Since you’ve been playing Club Penguin for quite some time, which blogger that has left this community do you miss the most?

Sniffybear2: The blogger I miss the most is S0pe Creek. (Side note from Ryanec1: Click here to visit S0pe Creek’s Twitter account.)

3. About how long was your recent break from Club Penguin? During that break, have you logged onto Club Penguin at all? If so, how many times?

Sniffybear2: Recent break lasted about 2 years. Still logged on at a monthly basis.

4. Was Sniffybear2 your first Club Penguin account?

Sniffybear2 was my first account. (Response from Ryanec1: Super cool! Ryanec1 wasn’t my first Club Penguin account, but to be honest, I forgot my first one.)

5. How long have you had your main look on Club Penguin?

I’ve had my “main” look for about 5 years. (Response from Ryanec1: Wow! You’ve had your main look for longer than I have been actively playing Club Penguin! I’m pretty sure that I came up with my main look sometime in 2015, but I am not sure.)

Thanks SO much to Sniffybear2 for taking the time to answer these questions! I hope you guys are looking forward to the next post in this series! Waddle on!

Sniffybear2’s Twitter- CLICK HERE!

Sniffybear2’s blog- CLICK HERE!



Hey everyone, yes, I know… I haven’t posted on here for a WHILE… And I’m very, very sorry! But today it hit me in the head… July 17th… OMG! Today is my second anniversary with Pirate CP Cheats! I can’t believe how far my blog has come… It is simply WAY too hard for me to comprehend. Thanks to ALL of you for all the support you guys have been giving me over the past two years! Now that I’m trying to think about what to write on this post, I thought of a very great quote, one that has something to do with Disney, Club Penguin and even what I am writing right now. The quote is… “Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming,” -Dory, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. If you just keep swimming, or shall I saw just keep waddling, you’ll definitely achieve your Club Penguin goals!¬†Just keep swimming.png

For example, the Club Penguin Team has just kept waddling. If I am not mistaking, before Disney purchased Club Penguin, the team didn’t advertise the game at ALL! The game quickly spread by mouth.

EVERYONE on the Club Penguin Twitter Community has been complaining a LOT about bots ruining the game that we all know and love, Club Penguin. Take a look at this picture I just took on the server Blizzard. An almost FULL room… NOT ONE BOT TO BE SEEN! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! NOT ONE BOT!

no bots room almost full

Don’t get me wrong, the bots are still here. They come and go. But my point is Club Penguin’s¬†11th Anniversary is approaching very quickly. Club Penguin still puts so much work into everything they do. All their blog posts, all their parties, everything. Club Penguin is the place where people celebrate Christmas in July, where PENGUINS can dress up as MONKEYS! I think that Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and Chris Hendricks did quite a phenomenal job choosing the name Club Penguin for their amazing game because we are ALL a club! Everyone that plays Club Penguin can be whoever or whatever they want to be! Club Penguin is the place that if you try, YOU CAN LITERALLY INTERACT with the people that make Club Penguin’s magic better and better every single day… Disney World’s slogan is… “Where dreams come true.” Well, yeah, Disney owns Disney World, Disney owns Club Penguin… So I guess the Disney company is pretty good at making dreams come true.


Every time I read, “Thanks for playing. Waddle on!” after I log off, I smile. Club Penguin makes children smile everyday. Whether you want to admit it or not, you KNOW Club Penguin has make YOU smile at one time or another. Thanks for reading my blog for TWO WHOLE years… To help you learn a little bit more about Club Penguin, the game that makes¬†everybody¬†smile!


Waddle on!


Once again, thanks for everything! Whether this is your first time reading my blog, you started to read it a few weeks ago, or if you read it since I created it… Thank you! I can also¬†tell you, I WILL continue playing Club Penguin and writing on this blog every¬†here and there when I have time. If you want to know whenever I make a new post, you can type in your email on the side of my blog and you’ll receive an email every time a new post is published!

Exciting News- 1 YEAR ON TWITTER and more!

Hey guys! So where should I begin? I have so much to talk about in this great post! I will begin by saying thank you all for about 950 followers in only one year! That is quite spectacular! Thanks to all of the people that have supported me on Twitter! Don’t worry, the people I talk to a lot will be mentioned later on in this post ūüôā I created my Twitter account, @Ryanec1CP on May 2, 2015, just to try to promote this blog and so I’d be able to tell all of you where I was at a meetup I hosted that day! I have pictures of this, and a very happy memory about this event. I reached¬†100 followers on my¬†FIRST DAY¬†on Twitter! That is honestly extraordinary! Thanks to all of my followers, Club Penguin friends and real life relatives and buddies for all of the support and encouragement they’ve given me! For example, when I won Best New Blog on TKCP (a Club Penguin blog) they were kind enough to make a wonderful plaque that congratulated me! As I’m writing this post, I just realized that TKCP¬†Cheats¬†is hosting their next Penguin Talent Awards on June 3rd!¬†I’m looking forward to that ūüôā Now it is about time to thank each individual penguin. I’ll start off with my best CP friends that aren’t on Twitter, and my only really good friend on Club Penguin that is not on Twitter is Dino Roar (Andy12e44!) Pictures of me with the super kind penguin is below!
With Trainman andy smile

Andy12e44 Penguin of Honor 2

Now I’m onto my greatest friends on Twitter!

The first Twitter friend I’m going to mention is Jdan1001. He is most likely my best Twitter friend. He has just been SO kind to me all the time. We private message chat all the time! He is the kind creator of 31daysforCP, an event which takes place every year (and is currently in the course of happening now!) The event consists of a meetup online Club Penguin EVERY single day for 31 days! ¬†This year, Megg is even hosting a day! He is also the creator of the CP famous CPReunion!¬†Jdan1001 managed to get some of the most famous penguins on Club Penguin to attend the event. Screenhog, Polo (Field), Billybob, rsnail (Rsnail, Rocketsnail), Gizmo, Sheepvsgrav, Megg, Deamama, Trainman1405 and SO many more! Here are some pictures of us together online Club Penguin!
Ryanec1 with Jdan 1001

mini party with jdan smiles 2

mini party with jdan smiles.png

Happy anniversary for riyita with Jdan.png

Jdan farewell party smiles.png

jdan has no name lol


jdan says postcard me train.png

Jdan Aunt Arctic Selfie French

SMILES Ryanec1 Special Guest 5-9-2015 Server Deep Snow Jdan.png

smiles with jdan1001 10 anniversary.png

Say bye dan hi jonathan jdan1001.png

Next, Rosytilly! Thanks for all of the great times we’ve had chatting together! You were one of the first penguins I met in the Club Penguin Community on Twitter!
Selfie Rosy Iggy Kev Party.png

Baseballjab's igloo Rosy DW Party Valentines Minion.png

rosytilly dw party rosy igloo valentines 2015.png

There are so many more penguins I could thank, but I don’t want to make this post boring by saying “THANKS SO MUCH!” and “THANK YOU!” for ten million times. But I mean seriously, thank you EVERYONE! I will mention a few more penguins that I’ve become good friends with.


Pen50gi, Marian245, 1999bloo, Waltdisney6, Riyita, Trainman1405, Nico CP, Pup1one, Mrzero3, Tech70, Dadted, Saraapril, Riffy8888, CPWorld, and Fishstick437.


Well, I guess it’s time TO PARTY!


party info 1 year twitter

If for any reason, you can’t see the info, it is below!
Ryanec1’s 1st Year on Twitter

Server: Snow Day

Room: Let’s meet at the Town!
Date: Saturday, May 7 2016

Time: 11:00 AM PST

Theme: Wear party hats!

So, I really hope you all can join me!

Again, thank you EVERYONE!
Waddle on!


-Ryanec1 (My Twitter is @Ryanec1CP) Click here to be brought to it!

Penguin Choice Awards- NOMINATE

Hey guys! So the Pirate CP Cheats Penguin Choice Awards will now continue! Now it is time for you to nominate your favorite bloggers! The subjects have changed a little bit, and the prizes, too. The new prizes will be announced once the contest is over. To nominate your favorite penguins, there are a few ways you can do that! Firstly, you penguinsunknown@gmail.com your nominees! Next, you can tweet me on Twitter! I am @Ryanec1CP. ¬†You can comment below on this post, and let me know who you’d like to nominate. Please be aware that I’d like you to please erase your tweet after I reply “Your nominee has been added to my list” just so penguins won’t try to sneak and find out which penguin is nominated a lot of times. Also, your comment won’t be approved, but I will see your comment. Make sure you include your penguin name, because I might include the penguin(s) that nominated the winners on the blog post that will announce the winners! So without further information, here are the categories.


  1. Best Club Penguin Blog
  2. Best New Club Penguin Blog (One year or newer)
  3. Best Club Penguin Blogger
  4. Kindest Penguin
  5. Best Club Penguin Moderator
  6. Best Club Penguin YouTuber
  7. Best New Club Penguin YouTuber (One year or newer)
  8. Funniest Penguin
  9. Best Club Penguin Twitter Account
  10. Best New Club Penguin Twitter Account (Four months or newer, exceptions may be made)
  11. Best Club Penguin Graphic Designer
  12. Active Penguin with the Best Penguin Name
  13. Best Club Penguin Mascot
  14. Best Club Penguin FaceBook
  15. Best Club Penguin Instagram
  16. Best Club Penguin Google+


Nominate now!