Hey, I came up with a fun idea! CONTESTS! They would (Obviously) be about club penguin and I have a contest in mind already! It is called the Famous Penguin Contest! You find the penguin that is most famous and leave in the comments the most famous penguin you’ve found. You can put the most famous penguin on your friend list as well. Extra points are added if they are on you’re friend list. For example, I am friends with Ninja, a Club Penguin moderator. He is my most famous penguin on my friends list!

 Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.37.03 AM

Once again…Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.41.37 AM

Thank you, Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.44.43 AM

P.S I took that picture of Ryanec1 on Club Penguin!


Update: Turbo Race 3000

The Turbo Race 3000 has begun at the stadium! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.26.40 AM


On the right side there are two booths with items. On the first booth the item is a non member item and on the second booth is is a members item.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.28.08 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.27.22 AM



The Iceberg!

Come to Server beanie and Join the party! We are at the iceberg and drilling! Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.57.37 PM

I will name some penguins here!

  1. Happyblue128
  2. Zser3
  3. Germar1
  4. Sing Thing
  5. Caderman14
  6. Gamingslime
  7. Mikou
  8. Oarca
  9. Rock74
  10. Fivestarfrog
  11. Kev Porsche
  12. Blaze1591
  13. Freezepop
  14. Sensei Lenny
  15. Mrzero3
  16. 6thpartyhat
  17. Me!

and More!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are having a coffee break at the coffee shop!

We are back to work!

Where did everyone go! Five minutes ago many more penguins were here!

Sorry, almost everyone left. I will either be on server Blizzard or Sleet.

Glitter Roll

Come meet Glitter Roll on the server big foot at the dance club. She is not adding on Club Penguin but she is sending out postcards.

I will update this when she logs off.


Glitter Roll is now offline server Big Foot and Club Penguin.

Penguin band

Meet the penguin band 20 minutes on server Chinook.


P.S This post will be updated both when they log in and log off.

Update: The penguin band is now online! I only see Petey K right now!

Update: Sorry for writing this late. The penguin band is now offline.

Violetta and new items

First, I would like to say sorry for not posting yesterday about Violetta performing! I will do it now! So here it goes!

Violetta is now performing at stage and sings a song in Spanish! The song is “Hoy Somos Mas!” In these pictures I see Violetta perform! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.02.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.02.22 AM

Click on her to get her free background!

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.03.35 AM

Also, today Club Penguin released new items for the music jam! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.12.52 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.17.31 AM


Look! I love my new microphone item and my puffles love their new drum hat! 

You can collect 40 puffles drum hats for your puffles if if you just keep pressing the collect button! 

Thank you for reading,