Hey everyone, Ryanec1 here! CP Mods will be online the SPANISH server Avalancha at 7:30 A.M PST TODAY@! SOrry, but I don’t know if Karlapop321 will be there but Natabro and Xocobro will be there! I am cyurrently there waiting for the party to begin and we’ll try to TIP THE ICEBERG at the ICEBERG!!!

See you there!

All CP mods are offline.



Party Time… Blizzard

Ryanec1 is going on Blizzard to party and send out postcards with friends! GUESS THE ROOM!?!?! I will switch

Ryanec1 is now offline. He might update this post if he goes back online.

Mods Ice Berg

Hey everyone, it is your pal Ryanec1! If you didn’t already see, please check out our updated about page! Also, CP Mods are online Ice Berg at the Beach! They are Clockworkman, Crayona, and Velocirapper! Actually, they are now in different rooms. They are not together.

All of the CP Moderators have logged off.


Contact, get to know you guys

Hey, today I would like to start to know all of my viewers more! Please complete this contact form or comment below so I can get to know you more!







Ryanec1 and the Pirate CP Cheats team

Pirate Party

Hey guys, it’s me, Ryanec1 and I am here to share the Pirate Party on Club Penguin with all of you! First, I think it is great! Now I will begin with the cheats!

When you go to battle with crabs, you will get to this screen!

Crab Batte 2014

Once you complete the crab battle with victory, you can get items!

You can also battle with other penguins!

Play battle 2014


It is fun!

Come try it!!!