Ninja Online CP app

Ninja was online the club penguin app yesterday and I am sorry I didn’t post, but I just wanted to post this because I was the ONLY one with him!!! I will share some pictures of him online with you though!

Displaying IMG_1938.PNG


First, this picture is showing  him online on my friends list!


Displaying IMG_1939.PNG


This next picture is of me first finding him at the clothes shop!!!


As you can see, we are alone. I don’t mean alone in the room but I mean no one else is crowding him.


Displaying IMG_1940.PNG

Then, I asked him to come to my igloo and he did!


Displaying IMG_1941.PNG

Then my tablet froze, so when it unfroze Ninja was out of my igloo so I pulled up the chat list and looked at if he said anything. First I asked him to please like (he did) (The first time I spelled it wrong by accident) Then Ninja said he has to run. He went to many other rooms after.


Ninja Likes Ryan's igloo!

Here is a picture of him on my likes list. I am sorry guys, since Ninja liked my igloo I locked my igloo so now only my friends can go in it. The only reason is so I won’t get a lot of likes and Ninja won’t go more far down on my likes list!!!


Are you friends with Ninja? Did you ever meet him? Did a Club Penguin Moderator ever like your igloo? Did Ninja ever like you igloo? Did you ever meet a Club Penguin Moderator??? Let me know in the Comments Below and…


Waddle on 



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