Fireworks at Ski Hill and Iceberg for New Years- 2014 to 2015

Hello everyone! Club Penguin brought fireworks to the Iceberg and Ski Hill!

Fireworks at Iceberg 2014-2015

The fireworks are so cool! The sound affects make them sound kind of real!

New Year 2014-2015 fireworks iceberg

Also, Happy New Year everyone!!! Have a great day! Speaking of New Years, what is your favorite holiday? Please complete the poll!


The poll I want you to complete is above!


Once again, HAPPY NEW YEARS 2015!!!




Review of 2014- Pirate CP Cheats- Thanks so Much

Hey!!!!!! Thanks for coming back! I am so happy now! I can’t believe all that accomplished! We already have about 910 views in 2014! My most popular post is Bunny Puffle Revealed! You can view that post here! Thanks so much for coming back and looking at all of the latest CP cheats, tips, and more! I got a 2014 review of and I can’t believe how much better it is doing! Our first post was on July 16, 2014! You can check it out here! The first post is Welcome Rrmm2! You might be wondering why Rrmm2’s welcome post was before Ryanec1’s, because Ryanec1 is the owner. Well it is because I just allowed him to post his post first! Our second post is welcome Ryanec1! It was a very short post! The Pirate CP Cheats team was only learning how to use WordPress. Just so you know, BIG THANKS TO WORDPRESS FOR ALL OF ITS HELP ON CREATING OUR WEBSITE! You can go create your own website on wordpress by clicking here! You can also view the welcome Ryanec1 post by clicking here! I still don’t know everything about WordPress and how to add stuff to, but I am learning more and more about how to do things with WordPress everyday! I try my best to make updates and add stuff to as much as possible! But I don’t want to go overload with WAY too many updates! The post after Welcome Ryanec1 is Welcome to our blog! You can view that by clicking on here!  Before I get to anymore things, I also found out how people have been finding my blog…

How did people find piratecpcheats

I already knew that is helping me, and I appreciate that very much! But I didn’t know that a website called is also helping us! The weird thing is, when I go to there is apparently no websites with that name!

Webpage not avalible

The person that owns is actually Ajear, the penguin that won one of our contests! The post announcing that is actually our fifth most popular post here at! You can check out that post for yourself here! 

I also want you guys to go check out Ajear’s website! Go to!

Most of the people that come to are from the United States of America! You can look at my chart below to find out all of the information about that!


United States- 737 views

Canada- 32 views

Mexico- 7 views

Colombia- 1 view

Ecuador- 1 view

Brazil- 7 views

Bolivia- 1 view

Argentina- 5 views

U.K- 43 views

Sweden- 3 views

Germany- 6 views

Poland- 1 view

France- 2 views

Czech Republic- 1 view

Slovakia- 3 views

Romania- 3 views

Bosnia and Herzegovina- 3 views

Greece- 3 views

India- 4 views

South Korea- 3 views

Australia- 18 views


I hope you guys enjoyed the chart! I am actually very surprised with the results! Once again, I am so HAPPY that so many penguins came to!

The 2 most active commenters on is Daschel and Ajear! Daschel commented 5 times and Ajear commented 4 times! Thanks Daschel and Ajear!

Some of the things I learned with WordPress is how to make a link with a word! For example, I can make the word “here” lead to a new website and that is a link! The newest update I added to is that when you go to, on the top of your screen, you’ll see this picture!
welcome pirate cp cheats

I started playing Club Penguin is September 2012! My first party was the Fair 2012! I LOVED it! For some reason, I didn’t know that there was parties on Club Penguin since I was just starting off, I thought that all of the decorated rooms were the actual decorations for that room! I have only a few memories of that party! I remember I love Feed-a- Puffle and I remember in the Town, one of the decoration included Rockhopper! I also remember that the Puffle Circus was super cool! I also liked that there was a prize booth in most of the party rooms! I remember almost every room was decorated! (I think!) I love Club Penguin so much, that I might as well call it one of my hobbies! On today, December 30, the last day of 2014, Ryanec1 is 829 days old!

Ryanec1 829 days

Once again, thanks for viewing, and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy!

Once again, thanks for coming to!


Featured Penguin Name 1- Log In- and Snow and Fun

Hello everyone! I feel like I already chose a featured Penguin of the Name once before, but I can’t find it on so I will share the old featured penguin name and the new featured penguin name!

Featured Penguin Name Snow and Fun

Snow and Fun is the old and first featured penguin name in Pirate CP Cheats history! Her name is so proper for Club Penguin! Club Penguin has snow and is fun! Believe it or not, Snow and Fun is his/her name! Her background on her Player Card also really matches her penguin name!

Featured Penguin Name 2 Log in

This penguin’s name is also super cool! It is Log In! Wouldn’t you just love to log into Club Penguin knowing that Log In is your name! It is such a proper name for penguins that log in a lot! Log In is on my friends list and I actually haven’t seen that he’s online for a very long time, but I decided to choose him because his penguin name is just SO UNIQUE! His style is also so cool! It is also different! All the items he is wearing I don’t have, but I think they are super cool! The reason I don’t have them is because they are super old!

Should I do this more? Do you enjoy reading Featured Penguins? If you do, I’ll continue doing these! It is also super fun for me to write these posts! 🙂

Leave a comment below!

Comments below

Thanks! Thanks for reading! WADDLE ON!!!


Merry Christmas- From the Pirate CP Cheats team- Have a Great Day!

Hey! Merry Christmas!!! Did you see Santa??? Who gave you your presents? Merry Walrus or Santa? The whole post is in the picture below!!!

Merry Christmas Ryanec1

Sorry, I couldn’t fit all of the sentences in one chat bubble! Leave a comment below! Did you meet Merry Walrus? What did you get for Christmas? Did you open your presents yet? Are you having a huge feast? Do you want anything related with Club Penguin for Christmas? Once again, let me know in the comments below!!!

Puffle Christmas Present Popcorn

My Puffle found me a Christmas Present… POPCORN!!! Yummy!

Crystal Puffle

Thank you Puffle! My Crystal Puffle’s name is Merry Walrus! So, is my present for Merry Walrus or for Christmas???

OMG!!! My Puffle keeps getting me more items!!!

Present from Merry Walrus

My Puffle keeps digging! Keep it up! 🙂

I gave my Puffle a present back! A time machine! Look where it decided to go!!!

Crystal Puffle Halloween Party

To the Halloween Party! He only wanted the candy! Look at him eating all of it! He wishes he was at the Halloween Party!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

From, Ryanec1 and the Pirate CP Cheats Team!

No Penguin Art- Glitch

If you go to the Coffee shop, then to the book room, the click on the Penguin Art booth there will be no art on your screen!

Penguin Art

The picture above is the Penguin Art Booth!

Look how it looks if you click on it!

Penguin art no art glitch

Also, the way to upload art from that screen is not working! Look what happens!

white page fan art

This is what page it’ll bring up! It is basically a blank white page! The link to the page is below!

It is related to Club Penguin because it says! I was wondering if maybe it is a glitch that the link that when you click on it, it is a e-mail.

I read on Club Penguin Wiki that Cool Times is the judge of artwork for the book room!

Cool Times judge of artwork

Is this true? I wonder if Cool Times will do this but just didn’t pick yet! I wonder what will happen…

Cool Times Pick artwork

I did this picture because Cool Times is on my friends list!