New Login Screen+Holiday Membership Deals

Hey everyone, your pal Ryanec1 here! I am here to show you the new login screen on CP!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 8.02.29 PM

In my opinion it is very cool! First of all, all the snow makes the whole screen sparkle and I think the colors are just SO amazing! But, there is a reason for the login screen! If you look at the top left corner you’ll see it says “Limited Time Offer Ends Jan. 6” and that Limited Time Offer is showed in the middle of the login screen! It says “Buy one, Gift one Buy a 1 month membership & get a bonus month to give as a gift.” and I think that is awesome! Do you know any friends that want a membership? That will be the perfect Christmas gift for Club Penguin Lovers! 🙂 Look at the boy penguin! He has a dog Puffle! In the picture, it so COLD and all the penguins are bundled up in warm jackets, hats, and scarves! Do you think this AMAZING special offer is mainly for Black Friday or the Holidays coming up in December? I think they are mainly for the Holidays and not mainly for Black Friday! Let me know what you think about this wonderful deal and also let me know if you think this is for Black Friday or the Holidays coming up in December! Let me know in the comments below! What do you think?


Remember, you can leave a comment below any time you want… or wish is a better word for the Holidays!

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