Merry Walrus Party Cheats- Review- and more!

Hey everyone! Club penguin’s Merry Walrus Party Began last night! Have you guys seen it?

So, you guys probably know that every year in December Club Penguin has a Holiday Related Party in December, since 2005! That is many years! You can either donate 100, 1,000 or 10,000 coins! When you walk up to one of the booths you’ll see this screen.

Donate Coins Merry Walrus 2014

All you have to do now is click on how many coins you are willing to donate! You are helping the world by doing this! DONATE!!! DONATE!!! DONATE!!!

If you guys don’t already know. This is what a Coins for Change Donate Booth looks like!
Coins for Change Booth 2014

Once again, Donate!!!

To get the first items for the TASKS… just like almost every party this year… you have to just throw snowballs at the Christmas Tree in the Forest!

By throwing snowballs at the tree, that will add Christmas Ornaments on the tree, and when you finally get enough ornaments on the tree, extra coins will be donated with your name to Coins for Change and you can get your free item!

Christmas Tree Forest 2014

This is what the Christmas Tree looks like! As you can see, I already put a few ornaments on the tree already and also there are some snowballs just sitting on the tree. That is because ornaments only appear in certain spots.

You guys probably won’t need this, but I made a special answer key with all the spots that ornaments can be placed. I’m not sure, but I don’t think you need to put on all the ornaments to complete the task.

Spoiler Alert Answer key tree 2014

That is a SPOILER ALERT and a ANSWER KEY!!! Do not look if you don’t want an answer key and the answers to the first task!

I am showing you guys this because I think many penguins are excited about this! The mall is back!

Mall Back Merry Walrus 2014

Review: I think that overall the party is so-so like fine! I don’t think it’s that good but I’ll explain why! It gets boring after 10 minutes at the party! The rooms that Club Penguin did decorate I love, but not many rooms were decorated! These are a list of rooms decorated.

Also their ratings are next to them.

Beach: (Amazing Decorations!)

Town: (Not great but fine decorations)

Coffee Shop: (Great Decorations)

Snow Forts: (Good Decorations)

Plaza: (Good Decorations)

Mall: (Good Decorations)

Forest: (Good Decorations)

Mine Shack: (Great Decorations)

University, Workshop ( I love it!)

Let me know what you think of this party in the COMMENTS BELOW!!!

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