Meet Merry Walrus! First Time!

Hey fellow penguin, Ryanec1 here with EXCITING NEWS! You can meet Merry Walrus for the first time on the server Fog at 12:30 PST! TODAY TODAY TODAY! Come join us! Saraapril is there!

The Merry Walrus is now offline! It was great meeting him! He added Ryanec1 and Ryanec2! Saraapril is also offline.

I have took some good pictures!

Merry Walrus Saraapril meet merry walrus

So, hope you got to meet him! Did you request him? If you don’t already know, Club penguin Mascots including Cece, Rocky,  Rockhopper, Herbert, Merry Walrus, Sensei, Kermit the Frog, and more accept all friend requests. You have to send them the requests by seeing them on the island!


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