Merry Christmas- From the Pirate CP Cheats team- Have a Great Day!

Hey! Merry Christmas!!! Did you see Santa??? Who gave you your presents? Merry Walrus or Santa? The whole post is in the picture below!!!

Merry Christmas Ryanec1

Sorry, I couldn’t fit all of the sentences in one chat bubble! Leave a comment below! Did you meet Merry Walrus? What did you get for Christmas? Did you open your presents yet? Are you having a huge feast? Do you want anything related with Club Penguin for Christmas? Once again, let me know in the comments below!!!

Puffle Christmas Present Popcorn

My Puffle found me a Christmas Present… POPCORN!!! Yummy!

Crystal Puffle

Thank you Puffle! My Crystal Puffle’s name is Merry Walrus! So, is my present for Merry Walrus or for Christmas???

OMG!!! My Puffle keeps getting me more items!!!

Present from Merry Walrus

My Puffle keeps digging! Keep it up! 🙂

I gave my Puffle a present back! A time machine! Look where it decided to go!!!

Crystal Puffle Halloween Party

To the Halloween Party! He only wanted the candy! Look at him eating all of it! He wishes he was at the Halloween Party!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

From, Ryanec1 and the Pirate CP Cheats Team!

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