Grand Stand- Mod Monday- January 5 2015

There is a Mod Meetup for today! Grand Stand will be online Club Penguin for a Mod Meetup today! She will be online Snow Day at 2:00 P.M P.S.T today! It is the first mod meetup of 2015! So exciting, right?! Can you be at the first mod meetup of 2015? I hope you can! Megg also that today is Kelowna’s first official snow day in 30 years! That is also super exciting! Megg says it is a Snow Day themed meetup today! Luckily, Grand Stand was able to make it to the offices today! I have an exclusive! Megg might be at the meetup too!

Megg Respond Ryanec1 CP Blog In offices

This is what it says!

Ryanec1 “I will be there I think! I will try my best to make it! (I did a question mark by accident!) Megg, are you at the offices? Can you join us? It will be a great surprise to see you there!”

Megg “I am at the offices! I will try my best to be ther :)”


So, Megg might also come!


Let me know in the comments below if you can come! I always want to know what you guys think about my posts! You can comment below on any post you’d like to!


Thanks for reading, and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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