Glitch- Club Penguin Smile or Not- 2015

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has this really weird glitch! If you want to smile, think again! If you simply click the smile emote, a blank emote will show up!

A picture of the smile emote is below!

Club Penguin Smile Emote

Take a look at the pictures I have with NO SMILES!

no smile bug

Smile Glitch no face 2015


This is so weird, right! I like to use that emote sometimes as a emote showing my friend that I am saying “Thank you” but not I can’t use that emote till it is fixed! I hope it’ll get fixed soon! Leave a comment below about what you think of this! Remember, if you see any updates on something I post about, or if you have an idea of what I can post about, please let me know, and you’ll get some CREDIT!

Thanks for reading, and WADDLE ON!!!

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