Grand Stand- Mod Meetup- January 12 2015- LIGHTS

Hey every penguin! Megg posted the next Mod Meetup on the Club Penguin Blog! It is already over, but I will still tell you guys about it. I don’;t have too much information because I was unable to attend this weeks Mod Meetup but I have the information that Megg gave us on the blog! Grand Stand was the last Mod Monday featured Moderator, and the meetup was so fun, so Megg asked Grand Stand to come back to have a meetup with all of us again! This week even has a theme again! The theme is LIGHTS! Where you lanterns or flashlights to brighten up the meetup! You can go to the server Aurora at 2:00 P.M P.S.T today and see Grand Stand there!  (The meetup is now over) This is how Grand Stand’s style looked during the meetup!

Grand Stand Jan 12 2015



This would’ve been my style for the meetup!

Ryanec1 Grand Stand jan 12 2015



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