Another annoying glitch- Unable to view Mod Meetup Page with Snapcraklp0p- Club Penguin

Hello fellow penguins! I recently posted about penguins unable to log in to Club Penguin, and now I discovered another glitch!

On January 19, Megg posted about the Mod Meetup with Snapcraklp0p! The blog post is still on the blog. If you click on the button to comment on the post or to view the post, it brings you to the access denied page!

Uh Oh Snap Page no exsist


I tried changing the link that it typed in when I clicked to view the page, I added a comma after 19 in January 19!

That link brought me to the Blog but that post wasn’t on the blog!

Click on the word ” No Post” to go see the page that there isn’t a Mod Meetup post for Snapcraklp0p!

No Post

Also, here is the link just to go to the Blog!

Click on Blog!



Now, click on Snapcraklp0p to go to the page that Snapcraklp0p’s meetup is supposed to be on!



I wonder if Club Penguin will fix this glitch soon, if they’ll erase the Blog Post, or won’t fix the glitch. I hope they fix it!


Thanks for reading, and once again, we I can’t WADDLE ON.

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