Mod Meetup- February 23,2015- Glitterbug K- Club Penguin

Hey everybody! Glitterbug K is online for Mod Meetup! The time is 2:00 PST!

She is in the Coffee Shop!!

We are heading to the Ski Hill to Sled Race!

The server is Sparkle! Come join us.

There are other moderators that came to party with us too!




Nerdy Penguin!

The moderator Nerdy is here!



SoundStudio Party- Tips- Club Penguin- February 2015

Hey penguins! The SoundStudio Party has begun on Club Penguin, and I am going to show you the party and what you can do during it!

First, when you log on to Club Penguin, the loading screen is decorated in honor of the SoundStudio party.

SoundStudio Party 2015 login load screen

The screen says ” Take the first steps to stardom at the SoundStudio party. On until Mar. 4!”

When you first log in, Cadence, a Club Penguin DJ, will greet you.

SoundStudio Party Cadence welcome1

First she will say ” The SoundStudio Party has hit the island! This is your shot at STARDOM! Just head to Snowball Records in the Snow Forts and you can record a song!” so be sure you know that you can record a song at the Snow Forts at the Snowball Records.

SoundStudio Party Cadence welcome2

Next, Cadence will say “After playing all four songs, members can try out for the talent show. They’ll perform for me and special guest judges to prove they’re music masters!” so do you want to be a music master?

The next thing you should do is head over to the Snow Forts to start making some music!


I added a red square around Snowball Records and the area where you can play for DJ Cadence.

I will begin with the Snowball Records and then I’ll show you guys the area where you can perform for DJ Cadence.

Just waddle up to the Snowball Records at the Snow Forts and then a new note will pop-up on your screen.

Snowball records room 2-015

It will ask you to “Choose a genre”. So pick the genre you want to play first. The choices are Dance, Pop, Dubstep, and Rock. I will go in order of the genres on the screen. I’ll begin with Dance.

Dance Room 2015 Snowball records soundstudio

You should be brought to this very colorful and musical room. On the top you’ll see little shapes. The shapes on the top also appear on the bottom. Some of the shapes are on an umbrella and others are just the hexagons. So, the way you make the music is by waddling over to the correct shape when it is lit up on the top. For example, the green triangle will light up first, so first you waddle down over to the green triangle at the bottom middle of your screen.

If you make a mistake by waddling to the wrong shape   ( You don’t have to waddle, you only have to click on it) you’ll have to start all over again.

Then you should wait a minute, and the items you’ve won will pop up on your screen.

If you are not a member, you can only obtain one of the items. If you try to obtain the members only one when your not a member, you’ll get a pop-up that tells you that you can’t.

Paid Membership Soundstudio party 2015

Now, lets move onto Pop!

Pop Room Soundstudio Party 2015

You do the same thing at Pop, but just on a huge piano.

Now, lets do Dubstep!

Dubstep room soundstudio 201555

I think the Dubstep room is SUPER cool Do the same thing at the Dubstep room to make your music!

Free items at Dubstep room 2015

After, you can collect your free items!

The last room, Rock!

Lets do this.

Rock Room 2015 soundstudio

Do the same thing, again.

I will tell you guys later about the other fun activities at the party!!!

Ryanec1 and WADDLE ON!!!!!

WADDLE ON!!! Dirt construction site ryanec1 ryanec2

Hey everyone! Club Penguin has released a new pin yesterday!

DJ3K Dance Pin at Beach

You can get the pin at the Beach. The pin is called The Dj-K Dance Pin.

Just click on the pin!

Pick Up Dj-k Dance Pin 2015

Click “Yes” to the question it asks eyou. It asks you “You have found a Dj-K Dance Pin. Would you like to pick it up? “.

Go find the pin. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading and WADDLE ON!!!


Rosytilly and Dw47’s Valentines Day Party on Aurora- Club Penguin

Hey! Rosytilly and Dw47 are holding a Valentine’s Day Party on the server Aurora! We are in Rosytilly’s igloo! I would really like to say congratulations to DW47 on reaching 20000 likes! Congrats Amazinggal7 on reaching 700 likes! The Party is now over.

Amazinggal7 700 likes

DW 20000 likes

Some penguins there include

  • Rosytilly
  • Dw47
  • Ryanec1
  • Ryanec2
  • Trainman1405 (Now Offline)
  • Distrocktiv7 (Now Offline)
  • Tech70 (Now Offline)
  • Alana Cp
  • Frosty Badge
  • Baseballjab
  • Puffle6421
  • Andy12e44
  • Lillyaacp
  • T Zog
  • Penguin 43
  • More to be added

Trainman1405 logged off but we got a #SELFIE!

Trainman1405 Rosy Party My iggy SELFIE

Rosytilly and Dw47 igloos

Rosy and DW party my iggy small

Rosy and DW party my igloo SMALL

Baseballjab's igloo Rosy DW Party Valentines Minion

rosytilly dw party rosy igloo valentines 2015