New Club Penguin Pin- Puffle Guide Badge- 3/19/2015 (Released a day early)- Club Penguin

Hey penguins. Yes, I know, you’re a human. So, hey penguins! (humans) Today I will be showing you a new pin that Club Penguin released! It is called the Puffle Guide Badge. It is cool because this pin is the first pin with a name that doesn’t include the word “Pin” since December 24, 2014 when the Blue Crystal Puffle (pin) was released. You can find the pin in the Ski Lodge. (soon to be renovated)

New Pin 3-18-2015Club Penguin Puffle

It is right on top of the moose’s nose!

Puffle Guide Badge in Stamp Book

When you pick up the pin, it will also be added to your Stamp Book! It will say “Puffle Guide Badge Released: March 19/2015.” but it was released a little early! It is only around 12:55 P.M P.S.T!

Club Penguin Updates early on 12;55 P.M

Plus, Club Penguin is supposed to update on Thursday, and the Club Penguin clock itself still says that it is still Wednesday!


Be sure to pick up the pin!

Also, you should Waddle On, Yes I still know you are a human!



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