New Frozen Fever Play Screen- April 2015- Club Penguin

Hey fellows. Club Penguin has updated their play page with a new Frozen Fever look. Frozen Fever is a Frozen Short. Take a look at the new play screen. It looks cool (I mean both definitions for cool, the cold kind of cool, and like looking stylish.) and I have a picture of it.

New Frozen Fever Play Screen

I only have a little part of the screen because the picture above literally shows you all of super cool stuff. 🙂

If you didn’t already know, the April Party on Club Penguin WILL be the Frozen Fever Party! I hope it will be super fun! Maybe there will be some sort of icy mini-game. Something like the one at the Penguin Cup during June 2014. I loved that party.

P.S. I updated the pin tracker on the side of this website so be sure to check it out to find out where the pin is! This weeks pin is a little tricky so here is a hint. High in the sky is where you shall look, be sure not to look closer, your looking just enough.

Waddle on!!!


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