Ryanec1 Gets a Twitter- Club Penguin

Hey everyone! Ryanec1 here! If you have a Twitter, please read on! I got a Twitter and it’ll will be awesome to communicate more with you guys. My twitter is Ryanec1cp. Click here to view it. If you play Club Penguin, and you are kind and will be appropriate, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter. Please don’t say any bad words.

My Twitter May 3 2015

If you have a Twitter, please tweet me a custom of my penguin below I can use.

Ryanec1 Penguin May 3 2015

Thanks so much for reading, AND WADDLE ON!!!

6 thoughts on “Ryanec1 Gets a Twitter- Club Penguin

  1. Hey Piratecpcheats. Iā€™m hosting a Party called #SaveClubPenguin. You are in invited. The party is on the server Frozen on Saturday the 9th. The time is 2:00 pm penguin standard time at the town. If you want you can tweet this on twitter. That would be really great. My username is Andy12e44. Thank you.


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