New Mall. Bye Stage- With Friends- Club Penguin

Hey penguins! Club Penguin has released a new room, the Mall! They got rid of the Stage. 😦 The Mall looks super cool. Its full name is the Puffle Berry Mall! This is how it looks from the Plaza!

Mall at plaza with Buddyjosh10

In the picture, I am with my friend Buddyjosh10!

Not let me show you how cool it looks inside the mall!

Here is a picture of me with Buddyjosh10 inside the mall!

Inside the Mall with Buddyjosh10

In the picture, you can see there are two escalators. They go really slow, but are SUPER cool!

escalator at mall with buddyjosh10

After, my other friend Daniel602 came to join us too!

throw coins in fountain at mall with friends

When you throw snowballs at the Mall, you are actually throwing coins! That is super cool!

After, two more of my friends, Anna Heart1, and Et169 came to join me at the Mall on Club Penguin too! Isn’t that awesome?

Guess what! Since the Mall is replacing the Stage, you can get items from the Costume Trunk catalog at the Mall!

Costumes at mall

costume trunk at mall

I think the Mall looks super cool, do you?

Waddle On!


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