Ryanec1, and Rrmm2 turn 1,000 Days Old Party- Club Penguin

Hello my friends! I can’t believe how far both my website, and my penguin have gone. I first created Ryanec1 during September 2012. The Fair 2012 was going on, and that was awesome. Meanwhile, the Fair 2015 is now on.

Fair logo on map 2015

At first when I started Club Penguin, I was such a beginner. I didn’t know anything about parties on CP, in fact, I thought the decorated rooms during September 2012 were the permanent Club Penguin rooms then suddenly one day when I logged on, I was like why did all the rooms change… And now I know what parties are and have waddled down such a far path.

To get to the point, Ryanec1 (my penguin) and Rrrmm2 is turning 1,000 days old soon… and these pictures will tell you all!

won a meetup dailyspin 1

You guys won a meetup time to celebrate on the Daily Spin! One Day Later

Yay! Time to do my next Daily Spin! I hope I’ll win the details to the party I won!!!

Meetup details comin soon spin1

YIPEE! I won the Party Details! Lets see when it is!

Meetup for me

The party details are above! Just in case the picture with the details is not showing up or not working for you, here are the details in words.

Date: Thursday June 18, 2015

Time: 2:00 P.M. P.S.T. and the end time will be determined.

Server: Icicle

Room to meet at: Town

Theme (Optional)– Wear party hats and decorate your igloo with party decorations and more!

Please try your best to attend. Please tweet this out on Twitter. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ and share it however you can! Lets make this a fantastic party! There were some special guests at my last party including Trainman1405 and Chrisdog93 for a little.

Waddle On!



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