Whats up cp players! Did you guys check out the new party if you did it is awesome right!Stay cool guys




Thanks Club Penguin Reveals- Blogroll- Club Penguin

Hey Club Penguin Reveals staff, and Mrzero3 so, so, so, so much for putting our blog on their blogroll! We really appreciate it! We have one of their many fantastic banners that they have on our sidebar, so you should really check it out! Click on almost any word on this post to be brought to their website! 

Thanks again Club Penguin Reveals, and Mrzero3! Waddle On!!!

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New Blog Design on Club Penguin- Welcome to the New Blog Post- Club Penguin

Hey penguins! Today I’d like to show you guys the new design on the What’s New Blog on! When you go to you should see this.

Club Penguin new blog design

It shows the latest posts, the date they were posted, an icon of who posted it, and the penguin name of who published the post. I really like that on the right side it shows the Club Penguin What’s New Blog Bloggers, and their icon. Let’s say you click on Deamama. It will show you all of the posts that Deamama published on the blog!

There is a glitch that doesn’t let you comment on the blog with your real penguin name.

Glitch when trying to comment on new blog

Luckily Megg found a solution, she said that when you comment put a space at the end of your name, so if your name is Ryanec1 you should type “Ryanec1 ” or if your name is Spike Hike, type “Spike Hike ” with a space at the end of the name.

Worked to comment on CP blo

In this picture it worked to comment because I put a space at the end of Ryanec1.

You should check out the blog!

I found one more glitch, that when you go to an old Club Penguin blog post, to be more specific, if it is written by past bloggers, or bloggers that don’t post a lot, it say under the title “By” and their is no name.

glitch on old blog posts no name

Club Penguin blog post no name glitch

So the Club Penguin blog is awesome! You should check it out!

Waddle On!

Vote For Us- Legopuffle- Club Penguin

Hey guys! I am really honored to say that WON best newest blog on! Thanks so so so so much to all of the penguins that has voted for us! Now, again, I am really honored to be nominated for Best English CP Blog on! Click “HERE” to be brought to the website that will tell you how to vote for us! Please vote for us whenever you have free time! Thanks a lot and Waddle On!!!!