Exciting News- 1 YEAR ON TWITTER and more!

Hey guys! So where should I begin? I have so much to talk about in this great post! I will begin by saying thank you all for about 950 followers in only one year! That is quite spectacular! Thanks to all of the people that have supported me on Twitter! Don’t worry, the people I talk to a lot will be mentioned later on in this post 🙂 I created my Twitter account, @Ryanec1CP on May 2, 2015, just to try to promote this blog and so I’d be able to tell all of you where I was at a meetup I hosted that day! I have pictures of this, and a very happy memory about this event. I reached 100 followers on my FIRST DAY on Twitter! That is honestly extraordinary! Thanks to all of my followers, Club Penguin friends and real life relatives and buddies for all of the support and encouragement they’ve given me! For example, when I won Best New Blog on TKCP (a Club Penguin blog) they were kind enough to make a wonderful plaque that congratulated me! As I’m writing this post, I just realized that TKCP Cheats is hosting their next Penguin Talent Awards on June 3rd! I’m looking forward to that 🙂 Now it is about time to thank each individual penguin. I’ll start off with my best CP friends that aren’t on Twitter, and my only really good friend on Club Penguin that is not on Twitter is Dino Roar (Andy12e44!) Pictures of me with the super kind penguin is below!
With Trainman andy smile

Andy12e44 Penguin of Honor 2

Now I’m onto my greatest friends on Twitter!

The first Twitter friend I’m going to mention is Jdan1001. He is most likely my best Twitter friend. He has just been SO kind to me all the time. We private message chat all the time! He is the kind creator of 31daysforCP, an event which takes place every year (and is currently in the course of happening now!) The event consists of a meetup online Club Penguin EVERY single day for 31 days!  This year, Megg is even hosting a day! He is also the creator of the CP famous CPReunion! Jdan1001 managed to get some of the most famous penguins on Club Penguin to attend the event. Screenhog, Polo (Field), Billybob, rsnail (Rsnail, Rocketsnail), Gizmo, Sheepvsgrav, Megg, Deamama, Trainman1405 and SO many more! Here are some pictures of us together online Club Penguin!
Ryanec1 with Jdan 1001

mini party with jdan smiles 2

mini party with jdan smiles.png

Happy anniversary for riyita with Jdan.png

Jdan farewell party smiles.png

jdan has no name lol


jdan says postcard me train.png

Jdan Aunt Arctic Selfie French

SMILES Ryanec1 Special Guest 5-9-2015 Server Deep Snow Jdan.png

smiles with jdan1001 10 anniversary.png

Say bye dan hi jonathan jdan1001.png

Next, Rosytilly! Thanks for all of the great times we’ve had chatting together! You were one of the first penguins I met in the Club Penguin Community on Twitter!
Selfie Rosy Iggy Kev Party.png

Baseballjab's igloo Rosy DW Party Valentines Minion.png

rosytilly dw party rosy igloo valentines 2015.png

There are so many more penguins I could thank, but I don’t want to make this post boring by saying “THANKS SO MUCH!” and “THANK YOU!” for ten million times. But I mean seriously, thank you EVERYONE! I will mention a few more penguins that I’ve become good friends with.


Pen50gi, Marian245, 1999bloo, Waltdisney6, Riyita, Trainman1405, Nico CP, Pup1one, Mrzero3, Tech70, Dadted, Saraapril, Riffy8888, CPWorld, and Fishstick437.


Well, I guess it’s time TO PARTY!


party info 1 year twitter

If for any reason, you can’t see the info, it is below!
Ryanec1’s 1st Year on Twitter

Server: Snow Day

Room: Let’s meet at the Town!
Date: Saturday, May 7 2016

Time: 11:00 AM PST

Theme: Wear party hats!

So, I really hope you all can join me!

Again, thank you EVERYONE!
Waddle on!


-Ryanec1 (My Twitter is @Ryanec1CP) Click here to be brought to it!


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