Hey everyone, yes, I know… I haven’t posted on here for a WHILE… And I’m very, very sorry! But today it hit me in the head… July 17th… OMG! Today is my second anniversary with Pirate CP Cheats! I can’t believe how far my blog has come… It is simply WAY too hard for me to comprehend. Thanks to ALL of you for all the support you guys have been giving me over the past two years! Now that I’m trying to think about what to write on this post, I thought of a very great quote, one that has something to do with Disney, Club Penguin and even what I am writing right now. The quote is… “Just keep swimming… Just keep swimming,” -Dory, Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. If you just keep swimming, or shall I saw just keep waddling, you’ll definitely achieve your Club Penguin goals! Just keep swimming.png

For example, the Club Penguin Team has just kept waddling. If I am not mistaking, before Disney purchased Club Penguin, the team didn’t advertise the game at ALL! The game quickly spread by mouth.

EVERYONE on the Club Penguin Twitter Community has been complaining a LOT about bots ruining the game that we all know and love, Club Penguin. Take a look at this picture I just took on the server Blizzard. An almost FULL room… NOT ONE BOT TO BE SEEN! YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! NOT ONE BOT!

no bots room almost full

Don’t get me wrong, the bots are still here. They come and go. But my point is Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary is approaching very quickly. Club Penguin still puts so much work into everything they do. All their blog posts, all their parties, everything. Club Penguin is the place where people celebrate Christmas in July, where PENGUINS can dress up as MONKEYS! I think that Lane Merrifield, Lance Priebe and Chris Hendricks did quite a phenomenal job choosing the name Club Penguin for their amazing game because we are ALL a club! Everyone that plays Club Penguin can be whoever or whatever they want to be! Club Penguin is the place that if you try, YOU CAN LITERALLY INTERACT with the people that make Club Penguin’s magic better and better every single day… Disney World’s slogan is… “Where dreams come true.” Well, yeah, Disney owns Disney World, Disney owns Club Penguin… So I guess the Disney company is pretty good at making dreams come true.


Every time I read, “Thanks for playing. Waddle on!” after I log off, I smile. Club Penguin makes children smile everyday. Whether you want to admit it or not, you KNOW Club Penguin has make YOU smile at one time or another. Thanks for reading my blog for TWO WHOLE years… To help you learn a little bit more about Club Penguin, the game that makes everybody smile!


Waddle on!


Once again, thanks for everything! Whether this is your first time reading my blog, you started to read it a few weeks ago, or if you read it since I created it… Thank you! I can also tell you, I WILL continue playing Club Penguin and writing on this blog every here and there when I have time. If you want to know whenever I make a new post, you can type in your email on the side of my blog and you’ll receive an email every time a new post is published!



  1. Hey Ryanec! Long time no see. It is Dino Roar/Andy12e44. I just wanted to say I sent CP a letter and they replied back. Also if you want to post this and give me credit, use Dino Roar as my name and not Andy12e44. I am not going to be using Disney Mix. Also, in the photo I scribbled there, cause my name was there. http://prnt.sc/c4uo93 http://prnt.sc/c4uoyy P.S. Sorry they aren’t that clear.


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