Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand new blog post here on Pirate CP Cheats! So this will be the first post in a series. For quite a while now I’ve been wanting to start a series that will involve this wonderful community! This series will most likely consists of a new post every week. Each week I will chose a member of the community, and if they’d like to be a part of this series, they’ll be interviewed by me! This will allow everyone in the community to learn more about everyone! I will select one person from the community… Maybe from Twitter… Maybe from the blog… There are loads of places that I can chose a penguin to interview! Each penguin will usually be interviewed with five questions.

I’ve decided that for the first week I’d like to ask Sniffybear2 if he’d like to be interviewed. He kindly answered yes! So what are we waiting for? Here are the results!


1. How many years have you been playing Club Penguin?

Sniffybear2: 8 years. Almost 9! (Ryanec1’s response: That’s awesome! I began understandingClub Penguin about¬†4 years ago.)

2. Since you’ve been playing Club Penguin for quite some time, which blogger that has left this community do you miss the most?

Sniffybear2: The blogger I miss the most is S0pe Creek. (Side note from Ryanec1: Click here to visit S0pe Creek’s Twitter account.)

3. About how long was your recent break from Club Penguin? During that break, have you logged onto Club Penguin at all? If so, how many times?

Sniffybear2: Recent break lasted about 2 years. Still logged on at a monthly basis.

4. Was Sniffybear2 your first Club Penguin account?

Sniffybear2 was my first account. (Response from Ryanec1: Super cool! Ryanec1 wasn’t my first Club Penguin account, but to be honest, I forgot my first one.)

5. How long have you had your main look on Club Penguin?

I’ve had my “main” look for about 5 years. (Response from Ryanec1: Wow! You’ve had your main look for longer than I have been actively playing Club Penguin! I’m pretty sure that I came up with my main look sometime in 2015, but I am not sure.)

Thanks SO much to Sniffybear2 for taking the time to answer these questions! I hope you guys are looking forward to the next post in this series! Waddle on!

Sniffybear2’s Twitter- CLICK HERE!

Sniffybear2’s blog- CLICK HERE!