Club Penguin- Community Pin

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now- Club Penguin is shutting down. I’m not going to get all emotional about it in this post, but I will say, I will miss the game so, very much. I am making this post to show you guys a pin on Club Penguin, very possibly the final pin to ever be hidden on the beloved game.

The pin is hidden in the Coffee Shop. If you didn’t already know, you can pick up a pin from any server.

The pin displays a green and a purple penguin, being friends together. The two penguins are surrounded by all 11 anniversary hats Club Penguin has released over the years. If you were wondering, no, unfortunately the beta hat is not seen on the pin.

The picture I added below shows how the pin appears when being clicked on.

pick up community pin

This is where the pin is hidden in the Coffee Shop. I inserted an arrow pointing to the pin.

community pin.pngAnd there, simple as that, after you click the “Yes” button, the pin will be added to your inventory.

community pin added

This is how the Community Pin appears in somebody’s stamp book. community pin in stamp book.png

This is the way that the pin appears on a player card and in the inventory.ryanec1 pin community pin.pngNo wonder why Club Penguin made a Community Pin, Club Penguin has the BEST community. And guys, I will make a post very soon on WHY Club Penguin has the absolute best online gaming and FRIENDSHIP community that I know of!
best community.png