The Team

Hey guys, on this page you’ll see some information about each of our bloggers!

1st website banner 2nd best image


Here is a picture of how our first Pin Tracker looked and the pin that was on it.

Pirate CP Cheats Pin Tracker 1


Ryanec1 (Owner of Pirate CP Cheats) Hey guys, I am Ryanec1! I am so excited to be here helping ALL of you guys know more about Club Penguin! For example, I will post if I see a Club Penguin Moderator online and what server, room, and if they are on CP but on a different language! Here is a fact, did you know CP stands for Club Penguin?!?!?! I will probably be posting the most out of all authors on the Pirate CP Cheats team! I hope you enjoy mine, and all the other Pirate CP Cheats staffs posts!



Ryanec1 style for blog


Rrmm2 (Co-Owner of Pirate CP Cheats) Hi guys, I am Rrmm2! I am the helper of Pirate CP Cheats! Here I will tell you all about Pirate CP Cheats!  Pirate CP Cheats is a website ALL about Club Penguin! When there is a famous penguin or a moderator we will usually post when they are online, and what server they are on. The same for mascots like Rockhopper and Rookie! Thank you all for looking at Pirate CP Cheats and you are welcome to check it out any time you want!

By: Rrmm2



Dj5854 is a main worker of this website.He will post meetups for him and will tell you when there is a mod on line.





Thank you and as always 

Waddle On…



68 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Hey Ryanec1. Wicked Wickz was on cp. I saw I asked if she can come on she said yes. We use a chat called Acp club it’s an army. Also Chrisdog93 went on. He added me.


  2. Hey Ryanec1. I got exciting news. I INTERVIEWED TRAINMAN1405. No one knew he was on. I asked him to come on and I asked if he wanted to have an Easter party and he sure.


  3. Hey Andy12e44, I saw you on Club Penguin telling me Paintboy100 added you and you gave him a membership. How did you give the membership to him? By E-Mail? By real mail? How did you give it to him?



  4. Hey Ryanec1! Long time no see. Since I have a wordpress account I would like to blog for Piratecpcheats and since I’m active and have cool post, I will get Piratecpcheats back on track. So how does that sound? I’m excited to have a response from you. See ya later!


  5. Hey Ryanec1! Long time no see. So I changed my penguin account name to Dino Roar. I also was in this glitch in my friends list and i accidently unadded you. Sorry. So when you reply I would change my name to either Dr.Wary or Dino Roar


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