Sequel- My Conversation with Club Penguin Moderator, Bxplosion

Hey guys, before I begin I want to confirm that you’ve read the first post about this. If you didn’t just click here.  Well, I wrote that post in December 2014, just over a year ago. For a while, I totally forgot about that post. I wrote on it that I’d reveal some pictures for proof that Bxplosion really said those things. If you don’t know who Bxplosion is, click here to go to the Spanish Club Penguin Wiki. He doesn’t have his own page on the English version. So I noticed that suddenly tipping the iceberg became a huge topic at the Club Penguin Community. Thanks to, I remembered about the way to “tilt” the Iceberg on the Club Penguin app. I have some images of me with Bxplosion saying some things that are really interesting.

Displaying image12.pngFirstly, Bxplosion confirms that the berg will tilt in this image.

Bxplosion the berg will tilt

Then I asked him if it will tilt on computer too.


Then he didn’t answer my question next, but he explained that for the Iceberg to tilt, you need enough penguins.

need enough penguins bxplosion iceberg

Then he answered my question about rather if you could tilt it on the computer too.

only on mobile berg will tilt.png

Then I convinced him to come to the Iceberg with me and Ninja 868. He said something very interesting.

iceberg will tip bxplosion.png

Then he guided us.

Stand here bxplosiom.png


Then we kept trying to at least tilt the iceberg, but we didn’t have enough penguins.

everyone we can do thiswe can do this 2

Then I tried my best to encourage the penguins to keep on trying!

Ryanec1 encourages bxplosion.png

Then I went back again to continue trying to tip the iceberg, or at least tilt it.

ryanec1 goes back.png

Finally, Bxplosion told us that he had to go.

Bxplosion has to go.png


Even though we didn’t tip the iceberg, I think that we still learned a lot and took a huge step to finding the true secret of tipping the iceberg. I think that it has something to do with the Club Penguin app. Again, you may NOT post these images or what I found out without my permission and giving Ryanec1 (,, and my YouTube channel credit.

Thanks so much for reading, penguin pals, and WADDLE ON!

Your friend,




Happy New Years- Club Penguin

Hi guys, it’s been a while. I’m SO sorry for not posting here for quite a while now, but I wanted to post to wish every flippered penguin out there a Happy New Year! Now, it is 2016… Bye bye 2015! You guys can’t even imagine how much Club Penguin has changed my life. Not only Club Penguin has changed my life, but you, the Club Penguin COMMUNITY… Has changed my life!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays from the Pirate CP Cheats team!



Club Penguin Awards- Pirate CP Cheats- Host: Ryanec1

Hello penguins! It is your pal Ryanec1 here to announce the first ever Pirate CP Cheats Penguins Awards! Hope you enjoy!
Club Penguin Awards LOGO

(Please post that on your blog or use it as a Twitter header)

So, I am hosting the first ever Pirate CP Cheats Penguins Awards! There will be some prizes too!

I will say all of the subjects and prizes. (Please note any of the subjects or prizes can be changed at ANY time)

Best Appropriate Club Penguin YouTuber: A subscribe and video likes from Ryanec1, being invited to winner meetup CP time, have a choice of being in one of Ryanec1’s videos and/or having him being in one of their videos

Best Club Penguin blogger: A few comments on their blog from Ryanec1 (On that specific post), being invited to winner CP meetup time, have a choice of writing a CP post for Pirate CP Cheats and Ryanec1 will post it with writing written by: __________, have a choice of having Ryanec1 make one special guest post on your blog. 

Best Club Penguin blog: About 3 comments on their blog from Ryanec1, all people that have posted 3+ posts on that blog being invited to winner CP meetup time, have a choice of Ryanec1 posting one special guest post on that blog. 

Most active Club Penguin Blog: Some comments on blog from Ryanec1, all people that posted 3+ times on that blog invited to a winners CP meetup, choice of having Ryanec1 post one UPDATES post on your blog. (I will only do pin cheats, new newspaper, new postcard, new public postcards sent out, and some more)

Penguin with best igloos- An igloo like from Ryanec1, having the choice of writing an igloo tip post on Pirate CP Cheats, (you write it, I post it with your name) being invited to a winners CP meetup.

Penguin with best Twitter account (May be disqualified if Ryanec1 catches any inappropriate tweets or likes): Being invited to winner CP meetup, follow from Ryanec1 (as long as account is appropriate)

Best CP icon maker- Making one icon for Ryanec1, having choice of making a blog post about how you make your icons (you write it I post it with your name), being invited to CP Winners Meetup.

Any subjects may be added at any time.

Nominating will begin shortly.

Updates? Inactive?

Hey guys! I am so sorry that Pirate CP Cheats has been inactive lately, but this website is not closing down anytime soon! To apologize for the inactivity, I’ll try my best to make some updates to this blog! I hope you enjoy and continue checking back daily!