Club Penguin Inside Out Party Walkthrough- Club Penguin

This blog is a fan blog, not owned by Club Penguin, and this post is about a party on Club Penguin themed about the Disney movie, Inside Out. 

Hey everyone! I think it has been a while since I made a post about a party, other than the Festival of Snow post, so I made one now! To begin, when you log on to Club Penguin, type in your penguin name and password, and chose the server you’d like to go to you get a super cool loading screen! It changes colors! Here is how it looks while it shows a description.

Club penguin inside out log in loading screen

Just in case the picture doesn’t show for you, the words say “Rockhopper has lost his mind. Help him find it by Aug. 5.” and the it should log you on.

The first time you log on for the party on an account, Gary and Rockhopper should notify you with if a message.

Log In Message From Gary and Rockhopper Inside Out

They say “Captain Rockhopper needs your help! His emotions and memories are erratic. It’s catastrophic! Explore his mind by entering the Minderizer 3000 in the Dock!” so now we’ll go inside the Minderizer 3000, but who knows what kind of thoughts we’ll find inside such an experienced pirate like Rockhopper… Well we’ll know soon!

When you enter the Minderizer 3000 for the first time, Joy will speak to you. Who knew there would be a Joy living in Rockhopper’s mind???

Joy message on CP

Joy says “Hi, I’m Joy. It’s great to meet you! Small problem- Rockhopper’s core memories are scattered around his mind! Take this bag with you! You’ll need it to carry all the memory orbs.”

missing happy core joy message inside out

After, Joy will say “There’s a missing happy core memory, and we need to find it! I’m positive you can do it. Let’s go through the entrance on the right!” and you’ll also want to collect the two items, one for both members and non-members, and the other one is only for members. If you are a non-member and try to obtain it, you’ll get a notification telling you that you have to be a member to obtain it.

Inside Out member message

You’ll find the Joy core memory at Imaginationland.

Imaginationland on folder

it is inside the Skull’s right eye.

Joy core memory

I added a red circle to show you where the Joy Core Memory is.

After you click on the Joy Core Memory, Joy will speak to you.

joy message afetr find joy memory

She says “Aww yes! Now back to the Headquarters. Everything is looking up now!” and then there is a “Go there” button, and when you click it you will be brought back to the Headquarters.

Then you should waddle over to this.

Where pointy arrow thingy shall come

Then you’ll have to complete a puzzle.

Joy Puzzle for Core memory

This is what the puzzle looks like. You have to get the core memory block out side of the square and into that lit up purple area by moving all of the blocks in only the direction that no other blocks are blocking.

I like that on the bottom left corner of the puzzle there is a little message. The message on this puzzle says “We’re totally gonna make it. Yay!” and there is a message on all of the other puzzles during this party, too.

After you complete the puzzle, Joy will tell you Rockhopper’s joy memory.

Joy telling about finding yarr

I really like Rockhopper’s Joy memory. His Joy memory was when he discovered his pet Puffle, Yarr! Joy says “Aww! This was when Rockhopper discovered Yarr. What an amazing day!” and what an amazing day, indeed!

After you click the “OK” button, Joy continues talking.

Joy telling us yay us

I’ll now show you where all of the other Core Memories are.

Ryanec1 Waterslide Showing where disgust

The disgust Core Memory is at Food Island. I circled the core memory in a light shade of blue.

Sad core memory found

The sad core memory is at Dream Productions. I put a square around the core memory in yellow.

Anger Core Memory showing

The anger core memory is at Loot Island. I put a white square around it.

Now the only core memory left to find is the Fear core memory, but we already found one core memory at each of the 4 places… You are probably thinking “…Great job, Club Penguin, you forgot to hide the Fear core memory and now we don’t get the chance to finish all of the quests…” and then you look at the Inside Out Party map.

Inside Out party map

Then you say… Oh wait!!! It may be at the headquarters, but sadly there isn’t a valid (clickable) fear core at the headquarters. Well, actually Club Penguin didn’t forget to hide the fear core memory!

If you want to know where the Fear Core Memory is, please read on, if you don’t please stop reading now. 

On the map, there is an amazingly hidden (great job Club Penguin) room called subconscious.



Fear core memory at Subconsious

I put a square around the fear core memory in a light shade of purple.

After you click on the fear core memory, you will be brought back to the headquarters to complete the puzzle and after that Fear will talk to you, and then after Fear talks to you, Joy will talk to you! We completed all of the quests and found all of the Core Memories in Rockhopper’s mind!

Clear talks to you at the end of Inside Out party

Joy will say “Woo-hoo! You’ve found all the core memories. Captain Rockhopper will be adventuring again soon! Take this background as thanks for your help!” You can claim a background called Emotional Background and then you can put it on. And then… you probably think oh… I put on my Inside Out background… Nothing else to do 😦

Ryanec1 wearing inside out background

Actually, if you walk out of the Minderizer 3000 both Gary and Rockhopper will talk to you.

Gary will talk to you first.

gary talks to us after we finish inside out quests at inside out party because we did it yay

Gary says “Brilliant work! The Minderizer 3000 didn’t have any of the side effects I’d predicted. A successful test! Oh and Rockhopper seems fine too.” and then Rockhopper talks to you after you click the “OK” button.

Rockhopper gives us reward inside out

Rockhopper says “I be feeling ship shape again! I think I have ye to thank for it, matey. Take this loot as a reward. Now I just hope Yarr still be sailing me ship. Har har!” and you can claim your reward.

Also, in the room that Fear is in, I think that may be the shark under the iceberg!

Waddle On!!!

Ryanec1 with some help from Rrmm2


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Festival of Snow 2015 is now Over- Club Penguin

Hey everyone! First I would like to say sorry for not posting about the Festival of Snow! But now the Festival of Snow has ended. During the extra snowy event at the Iceberg and at the Ski Hill were to very old Club Penguin items. They items were the Ice Crown and the Snowflake T-Shirt. This is how they look on a penguin and them on a player card.

Ryanec1 wearing festival of snow shirt and crown

The event was super cool, and featured other penguins Ice Sculpture Fan Art.

I hope you had the chance to check it out!

Waddle On!


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