Penguin Choice Awards- NOMINATE

Hey guys! So the Pirate CP Cheats Penguin Choice Awards will now continue! Now it is time for you to nominate your favorite bloggers! The subjects have changed a little bit, and the prizes, too. The new prizes will be announced once the contest is over. To nominate your favorite penguins, there are a few ways you can do that! Firstly, you your nominees! Next, you can tweet me on Twitter! I am @Ryanec1CP.  You can comment below on this post, and let me know who you’d like to nominate. Please be aware that I’d like you to please erase your tweet after I reply “Your nominee has been added to my list” just so penguins won’t try to sneak and find out which penguin is nominated a lot of times. Also, your comment won’t be approved, but I will see your comment. Make sure you include your penguin name, because I might include the penguin(s) that nominated the winners on the blog post that will announce the winners! So without further information, here are the categories.


  1. Best Club Penguin Blog
  2. Best New Club Penguin Blog (One year or newer)
  3. Best Club Penguin Blogger
  4. Kindest Penguin
  5. Best Club Penguin Moderator
  6. Best Club Penguin YouTuber
  7. Best New Club Penguin YouTuber (One year or newer)
  8. Funniest Penguin
  9. Best Club Penguin Twitter Account
  10. Best New Club Penguin Twitter Account (Four months or newer, exceptions may be made)
  11. Best Club Penguin Graphic Designer
  12. Active Penguin with the Best Penguin Name
  13. Best Club Penguin Mascot
  14. Best Club Penguin FaceBook
  15. Best Club Penguin Instagram
  16. Best Club Penguin Google+


Nominate now!


2 thoughts on “Penguin Choice Awards- NOMINATE

  1. Hey Ryanec! It’s me Andy. I am retiring CP for real. My retirement party details are below.

    When? April 23

    Times? 1:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM CST / 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM GMT / 1:30 AM IST / 2:00 PM MST /

    Server? Frozen

    Where? Town


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