On this page, you’ll find landmarks that you can find around Club Penguin.



Tree on CP

Trees can be spotted all around Club Penguin! Trees can also be spotted in some postcards. One of the postcards include the Be My Buddy postcard.

Trees in Be My Buddy Postcard



CP Arrow sign

In almost every room on Club Penguin you can easily spot one of the signs pointing to other rooms.


The Aqua Grabber:

Aqua Grabber Cp

At the Iceberg there is a Aqua Grabber on the right side. You can play the game Aqua Grabber from that.



Mullet Fish Pictutre Frame CP

In many places, you can spot a a fish on Club Penguin.

The picture above was taken at the Ski Lodge.

If you look through the binocular in the Cove, after a while, you should see a fish jump out of the water.

Seeing Fish through binoculars cp cove


The picture above shows the fish jumping out of the water.

At the Cove, you can also spot a bucket of fish.

Cove CP Buket Of Fish

There are many other places and rooms that fish can be spotted on Club Penguin, but I only named a few.



Puffles are pets on Club Penguin. They can be spotted in many places.

Puffles from STAGE SIGN CP

Puffles are often also seen on penguin’s Player Card.

Purple Puffle With Ryanec1 player card Puffle cp

Puffles are often seen in your backyard too!

Ryanec1's puffles in backyard CP landmarks

Like fish, there are many other areas you can spot Puffles on Club Penguin. I just showed you guys a few.


Sorry, that’s all of the landmarks we have on, but we will try to add more soon. Thank you for reading and be sure to WADDLE ON!!!

Also, please comment below. Do you know any other landmarks you want us to add? Just let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to get that landmark here! If you don’t want to comment. You can complete the form below to tell us your ideas!

Thank you!


Ryanec1 with some help from the rest of the Pirate CP Cheats Team





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