Club Penguin Updating Soon- BRB Screen – January 28- Club Penguin

BRB Updating NEW CP SCREEN2015

Club Penguin is currently updating, at least the log in screen says so! It says “BRB! We’re busy updating stuff behind the scenes. We’ll be fully up and running again soon. Thanks for your patience!” 

So, come onto Club Penguin soon, and check out the new updates!

Happily, the glitch with the maximum log ins stopped!

Maximum logins


That picture is from when it happened.


So, be sure to come onto Club Penguin soon enough!

Waddle on, and thanks for reading!




Star Wars Rebels Party now on- January 2015- Club Penguin

So, hey everybody! A few days ago the Star Wars Rebels Party begun on Club Penguin!

Star Wars Rebles Log In Loading Screen 2015

When you log in, you’ll see the screen above! I think the screen is one of the coolest log in screen Club Penguin ever had!

It says ” Star Wars Rebels is on Club Penguin! Fight the Empire until Feb. 4″.


When you log in, Kanan will greet you.

Kanan Welcome Star Wars Rebels 2015

First, he will say “Hey. I’m Kanan. Our crew is going to stop the Empire. Do you think you have what it takes to join us?” and than click the arrow. Kanan has something else to tell you!

Kanan Welcome Star Wars Rebels 2015 Talk 2

After, he says ” Do a mission for every member of the Ghost’s crew, then we can talk more.”.


Star Wars Rebels Button

After, click on the little Star Wars Rebels circle, on the right corner of your screen.

If you click on the button, and you’re a non-member, you should see the screen below!

Nonmember Star Wars Rebels Button


If you are a member, you should see the screen below.

Button Member Star Wars Rebels Page

Go on, do the mission! You can’t get a lightsaber now, in less you have it from the Star Wars Party 2013. I do.

Items if you defeat the Inquisitor star wars rebels party in 2015 before you defeat him

If you collect all of the items from the lightsaber, after you can challenge the Inquisitor and if you really can defeat him, you get to obtain the items above!

Challenge Star Wars Rebels 2015

The picture above shows that I am ready to challenge the Inquisitor!

Speech challenge 2015 star wars rebels

The Inquisitor first tells you, Ha. You’ve come to face your doom. Kanan has not prepared you for my powers. Try not to lose too quickly- I’d prefer a real challenge.” and then you should click “Ok” to begin the challenge!

Challenge Star Wars Rebels 2015 choose

The picture above shows you what it looks like when you battle the Inquisitor!


When you defeat the Inquisitor, he will have something else to tell you!

Complete challenge Star Wars Rebels 2015


He will say ” What?! You’re more powerful than I believed possible. But I’ve learned your style now. Don’t expect to win again…”.


I just want to point out the final mission.

Defeat stormtroopers mission Star WARS Rebels

You’ll have to throw snowballs at all of the little guys. Sorry, I don’t know what they are called, I don’t watch Star Wars. After all of the guys are defeated with snowballs, Kanan will walk out of his trap.

Kanan Walking out of his trap 2015


Look, that is Kanan walking out of his trap!


Also, the lightsabers you get if you defeat the Inquisitor is so cool!

The sword is sooo cool Polo Rider Rrmm2

Look! Rrmm2, Polo Rider, and I all have the lightsaber! It is so cool!


So, I think the Star Wars Rebels Party is fun! I just wish that the parties will have a lot more tasks to complete.


Anyway, even if you don’t like that party, you can still WADDLE ON!!!

Waddle On Ryanec1 Ryanec2 Star Wars Rebels 2015


Just, please, BE SURE TO WADDLE ON!!!

Also, please leave a comment below! If we can get up to 3 comments from 3 different penguins on this post, I will do a contest! If you win the contest, your penguin will be featured on! Just send Ryanec1 a friend request if you enter, and I’ll accept. Please comment with your real Penguin Name so I’ll know to accept a friend request from a penguin with that name.

So, just look below, you can comment!

Comments below








Congrats on 100 likes Ryanec2- Club Penguin

It’s today, January 23, 2015! Ryanec2 just reached 100 igloo likes!

Ryanec2 100 likes

CONGRATS RYANEC2!!! 100 likes is yours! You’ve done so well!

Waddle on! Friend request Ryanec1 and Ryanec2, and comment below with your penguin name, and I’ll accept your penguin, and Ryanec2 will too!

Or just complete the form, and I’ll also accept you! Make sure to use your real Penguin Name!


Another annoying glitch- Unable to view Mod Meetup Page with Snapcraklp0p- Club Penguin

Hello fellow penguins! I recently posted about penguins unable to log in to Club Penguin, and now I discovered another glitch!

On January 19, Megg posted about the Mod Meetup with Snapcraklp0p! The blog post is still on the blog. If you click on the button to comment on the post or to view the post, it brings you to the access denied page!

Uh Oh Snap Page no exsist


I tried changing the link that it typed in when I clicked to view the page, I added a comma after 19 in January 19!

That link brought me to the Blog but that post wasn’t on the blog!

Click on the word ” No Post” to go see the page that there isn’t a Mod Meetup post for Snapcraklp0p!

No Post

Also, here is the link just to go to the Blog!

Click on Blog!



Now, click on Snapcraklp0p to go to the page that Snapcraklp0p’s meetup is supposed to be on!



I wonder if Club Penguin will fix this glitch soon, if they’ll erase the Blog Post, or won’t fix the glitch. I hope they fix it!


Thanks for reading, and once again, we I can’t WADDLE ON.

Penguins unable to log in to Club Penguin- Club Penguin- Please fix this glitch, Club Penguin!

Hey everyone! Sadly, there is another very annoying glitch on Club Penguin! Some penguins are unable to log in!

Maximum logins


It says “Maximum login attempts exceeded. Please try again in an hour” and why is this happening!

I am unable to log on to Club Penguin! Lets hope it’ll will get fixed so we can see the Star Wars Rebels Party tomorrow!



Sadly, I can’t Waddle on. 😦