I am very Sorry for Inactive- I’ll try to Be Back

Hey penguins! Ryanec1 here! I am very sorry because we’ve been inactive lately. I’ll try hard to keep this website back up to date, but no promises. I am sorry.

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I am also now working at jdan1001.wordpress.com!



New Furniture and Igloo Catalog- May 2015- Club Penguin

Hey fellow penguins out there! Ryanec1 here! Sorry that this is late, but Club Penguin released a new Furniture and Igloo Catalog recently. Today, I will show you some items in it, as well as the cover of the catalog.

May 2015 furniture and igloo catalog cover

The image above is the cover of the Furniture and Igloo Catalog for May 2015.

If I had to chose my favorite item in this months catalog, it would be the Comfy Crab.

Comfy Crab may 2015

The items are expensive this month.

1000 coins

One item is even 1,000 coins!

Check out the catalog when you can, and let me know in the comments over there below, what you think of the items and rather if you agree that they are expensive this month or not.

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Poll of the Week- May 9, 2015


Ryanec1 Gets a Twitter- Club Penguin

Hey everyone! Ryanec1 here! If you have a Twitter, please read on! I got a Twitter and it’ll will be awesome to communicate more with you guys. My twitter is Ryanec1cp. Click here to view it. If you play Club Penguin, and you are kind and will be appropriate, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter. Please don’t say any bad words.

My Twitter May 3 2015

If you have a Twitter, please tweet me a custom of my penguin below I can use.

Ryanec1 Penguin May 3 2015

Thanks so much for reading, AND WADDLE ON!!!

#Helpclubpenguin event Review- May 2, 2015- Club Penguin

Hey penguins! The #Helpclubpenguin has ended on Club Penguin and it was just fantastic. A few special guests attended, and it was awesome. I would love to thank Trainman1405 and Jdan1001, our special guests, for attending the event. I would also like to thanks Chrisdog93, because he was at the event for a few minutes. I do have some pictures of the event to show you guys. Sadly, while I was playing Card Jitsu Fire, my penguin was disconnected, and it took me almost 15 minutes to log back in, and for it to work. When it finally worked, there was only one penguin left. That one penguin was Blue21102, and I would love to thank you.

On to the pictures.

My Party Help CP 1 Town May

The beginning of the event.

Adrian918 My Party

A penguin at our event.

My Party Snow Forts Image 2

Penguins at our event.

My Party Fire Dojo May 2015

Our event at the Fire Dojo.

End of Party 5-2-2015

When only two penguins were left at our event.

At the end of the event, I asked Blue21102 if he can help me out by thanking you ALL for attending the event, it was epic!

Thanks for coming to my party May 2 2015

Thanks for attending my event everyone, I hope that we helped CP!

Waddle on!!!

P.S. I apologize that no other Pirate CP Cheats Staff attended the party, except me. Although, I am sure that they all really wanted to be there to Help Club Penguin with us.